New Items Released

Hello Strikerians,

We already finished the necessary updates for your clients. Just make sure you run your launcher (StrikerMU.exe) to be able to see the new items. The new sets have the same Ancient Options as the Tier 2 Evil Sets but with higher Defense. New weapons and shields are socketed. These items are 100% Custom made for StrikerMU. No skins! Most of the sets will only be available via donation. However, some items will be available in our webshop OR ingame at designated maps. We will announce once it's already active ingame.
Here's a complete list of the new items:

BK/RF - Daywalker Set
BK/RF - Ice Demon Set
DL - Demon Lord Set
SM - Blazing Soul Set
Elf - Striker Goddess Set
Summoner - Elite Princess Set
MG Set- Angelic Wrath Set

BK Sword 1 - Dragon Slayer Sword
BK Sword 2 - Ice Breaker Sword
DL Scepter - Scepter of Doom
SM Staff - Soul Edge Staff
Elf Bow - Alpha Storm Bow
Elf Mace - Lotus Mace
Sum Staff - Infernal Dawn Staff
MG Sword - Death Storm Blade

BK Shield 1 - Resonance Shield
BK Shield 2 - Ice Wall Shield
DL Shield - Dark Matter Shield
SM Shield - Blind Vengeance Shield
Elf Shield - Lotus Shield
Sum Shield - Sentinel Shield
MG Shield - Holy Might Shield

Posted 30 / 03 / 2017 By strikermu

Currently this is only one server.