Game Client Updates

Hello Striker Mutizens,


We have updated our client with a new antihack system. The following implementations are as follows:

  • NSE Antihack System installation
  • Add ons implemented for Tier 2 to be stored in vault
  • Adjusted skill distance on long range characters

NOTE: Run your launcher to implement the above stated.

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StrikerMU Valentines Singing Event

Valentines Day Event

StrikerMU Valentine Singing Event


1st Place: Tier 2 Evil Set of Choice + 5,000 PCPoints

2nd Place: S4 Set FO + FS + API + 3,000 PCPoints

3rd Place: Pair MOK + 2,000 PCPoints

Consolation: 5,000 Wcoins + 1,000 PCPoints

Visit our forum for more details!!!

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Holiday Hourly Reward Giveaway

Christmas and the holidays are the season of giving. It's a time when people are more kind and open-hearted.

Which is why we are giving you more reasons to have fun ingame!

From December 20 - 25, 2016 players will enjoy a hefty 100 Wcoin per hour Online Reward.

Happy Holidays Strikerians!


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Tier2 Christmas Promo

T2 Xmas Promo

Happy Holidays Strikerians!!!

For a limited time, grab 2 Tier 2 Evil Sets

Package includes:
2 Tier2 Evil Sets -  Full Options +15 with Yellow Option of Choice 

Two Thousand Philippine Peso (2,000 PHP)

Grab your very own Tier2 Evil Set now!!!

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Season4 Items Package

Season4 Items Package

Package includes:

  • 1 Complete Season 4 Set - Full Options + 3 Level 5 Standard Sockets + Bonus Socket Option
  • 2 Season 4 Weapons - Full Options + 3 Level 5 Standard Sockets + Bonus Socket Option
  • 1 Season 4 Shield - Full Options + 3 Level 5 Standard Sockets + Bonus Socket Option


One Thousand Five Hundred Philippine Peso (1,500 PHP)

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Castle Siege Bonus

Castle Siege

By popular demand, we will be implementing a bonus to our weekly Castle Siege Event. The winning Guild/Alliance Master will receive 10,000 Wcoins as a reward for successfully conquering the castle. We would also like to point out that the more players join the event, the bigger the prize will be. So what are you waiting for!? Gather your troops and dominate!

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Game Updates 23rd November 2016

The following Criterias has been implemented:

  • Cash Shop enabled with new pricing and pets removed
  • Allocated Potion Girl in Arena Map at coordinates 59 117
  • Increased all server channel capacity

Note: Please wait for your launcher to download the update before connecting to the game.

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Game Client Updates

LiveGuard MU Antihack Updates:

  • Cheat database updated with new cheats added for prevention
  • Advanced memory scanning
  • Client integrated CRC
  • WinApi - Anti hooking protection
  • Optimized loading speed

Client Fixes and Add Ons:

  • Character Level Visual bug
  • Visual Bugs on Item names
  • Client closes automatically when pressing "A" for Mastery 
  • Chat and Experience Gained notification separated
  • 3D Camera Installed

Note: Rare Item Ticket 8 is no longer useable due to the configurations implemented on the client. All Socket item drops will now have 3 socket slots upon acquisition.

For thos who can not connect ingame due to automatic update issues, simply do the following:

  1. Go to your Striker MU Client
  2. Open Config file
  3. Replace Version 1.10.21 with 1.10.20
  4. Save File
  5. Re-run your launcher and wait for it to download the updates

For Manual Patching:

  1.  Go to and click "Downloads"
  2.  Download the file name: StrikerMU Manual Patch October 25,2016
  3. Once downloaded, open file and extract to your StrikerMU client and replace all existing files.
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Item Drops

The following Drops are now active ingame:


Maximum of 5 Options


Item TypeDrop Location / Monster
Season 4 Socket ItemsBalgass' Invasion (Crywolf Event)
Level 380 and Season 4 ItemsErohim
Level 380 Items and AccessoriesKundun
Random Excellent ItemsMedusa
Jewel of Bless, Soul, Chaos etc.Serverwide
Jewel of LifeKalima
Empty Spheres (up to level 5)Raklion
Empty Sphere+ Normal Ancients (increased rate)Vulcanus (Server20)
Ancient Items (with upto 5 excellent options)Land of Trials
Golden Key and Sealed Golden BoxServerwide


Note: Sealed Golden Box consist of accessories with full option with a failed rate which is zen

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Grand Opening Promotion

With Free Talisman of Chaos Assembly at NPC for 1 month!

How to claim:

Send a private message with your username/accountname at our official fanpage: Click Me


Before claiming for the Grand Opening Promotion. Please read the following conditions below:

  • StrikerMU Grand Opening promotion can only be availed once per IP address.
  • All claims in the Facebook Fanpage will be validated.
  • We will not entertain claims with "FAKE" Facebook account (s) unless validated by other staff/player that it is legitimate. 
  • Same account IP address claims will not be entertained unless if you are playing in an internet cafeteria and your fellow shop mates can provide proof that you are legitable for the claim.


On behalf of the StrikerMU Management Team, Welcome to StrikerMU and enjoy your stay!


StrikerMU - We don't imitate, We simply innovate!



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Currently this is only one server.