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StrikerMU Server InformationHot!

Experience Ratex1000
Drop Rate100%
Free Level Up points500
Character Level400
Master Level200
Excellent Options6
Excellent AncientsYES
Socket SystemYES
Socket Slots3
Excellent SocketsYES



StrikerMU is designed for highrate players out there with a slight twist of a hardrate gameplay. However its drops and percentage are higher. All items needed or required can be acquired ingame, you dont have to take the wallet out for you to get the items you desire for it is already in the game which only requires perseverance and patience. And base serverwide monetary is Wcoins which is used for purchasing via webshop, cash shop as well as Ingame Personal Store. We offer wide variety of resources where players are equal with no big disadvantage from Donators. We strive to bring an MU community that suits the interest of every MU players throughout the globe. We simply don't imitate, We just Innovate!


We cant wait to see you soon!


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Currently this is only one server.